Explainable AI

Learn how to design AI systems that can provide understandable and interpretable explanations for their decisions and outputs, making them more transparent and trustworthy.

Week 1

Introduction to Explainable AI

This module covers the basics of explainable AI, including the importance of transparency and interpretability, and different methods for achieving explainability.

Week 2

Interpretable Models

This module covers techniques for designing interpretable machine learning models, such as decision trees, rule-based systems, and linear models. Students will learn how to interpret model outputs and feature importance.

Week 3

Post-hoc Explanation Methods

This module covers post-hoc explanation methods that can be applied to any machine learning model, such as LIME and SHAP. Students will learn how to generate explanations for model predictions using these techniques.

Week 4

Human-Centered Design for Explainability

This module covers the importance of human-centered design in creating explainable AI systems, including user studies and design principles. Students will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of their explainability methods with human subjects.

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