Building Data Products

Learn how to successfully implement data products and support the entire lifecycle—from conceiving and designing the data product through to building it, rolling it out, supporting it, and finally deprecating it when needed.

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Meet your instructor Ananth Packkildurai

Ananth is a software engineer at Slack, where he worked on developing scalable visibility infrastructure for logs, metrics & traces. Previously Ananth helped Slack to build the data platform from the ground to manage terabyte-scale data warehouse system.

In the past, Ananth helped to build a big data platform for Bazaarvoice, Sephora, and Evlov Inc.

Ananth currently working at the exciting intersection of applying traditional data platform concepts to the observability infrastructure.

Specialty: Observability, Infrastructure, Data engineering, Data infrastructure.

Week 1

Building and Testing Data Models with dbt

In this section of the course, you'll dive into the world of data modeling with dbt. Discover how to write scalable SQL code, test your models, and manage metadata to build robust data pipelines. By the end, you'll have the skills to create maintainable data models that meet business requirements.

Week 2

Advanced Modeling Techniques with dbt

This part of the course explores advanced modeling techniques in dbt. You'll learn how to handle complex data types, perform hierarchical modeling, and create incremental models. Gain the skills needed to model complex data scenarios, and take your data modeling abilities to the next level.

Week 3

Working with Dependencies in dbt

In this section, you'll learn how to manage dependencies in dbt by defining and using macros, leveraging dbt's built-in packages and community packages, and managing dependencies across projects. These skills will enable you to build scalable, modular data pipelines with dbt.

Week 4

Data Transformation and Pipeline Orchestration with dbt

This part of the course covers data transformation and pipeline orchestration with dbt. Discover how to transform data, use dbt's built-in ETL tools, and orchestrate data pipelines with dbt. You'll also learn how to monitor and alert your data pipelines, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted data flows.

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