The deadly COVID-19 has caused tremors in all sectors. However, we should not lose heart and strive to work towards a positive world. The Government of India has announced a plethora of new initiatives to impart classroom education via e-learning. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced learning initiatives as part of the last tranche of the 20L Crore economic package as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 12.

As part of the announcement, the Government is gearing up to launch PM e-VIDYA program for multi-mode access to digital or online education. We can expect the launch immediately before the end of May 2020. With many states set to open academic sessions starting June 1, the launch of the PM eVidya program will provide great benefits for students. They will be able to watch the modules on the TV and learn accordingly.

The Government is planning to launch one TV channel for each class. We expect the launch of 12 TV channels for classes 1 to 12. The modules will have extensive use of radio, podcasts including special e-content for visually and hearing-impaired children.

During her announcement, Finance Minister Nirmala also revealed that the top 100 universities across India will be permitted to start online courses by May 30, 2020. The Government also announced an initiative named MANODARPAN, which will extend psycho-social support to students, teachers, and families for mental health including promotion of emotional well-being.

The schools in Kerala will also open from June 1 and lessons are distributed via Victers channels. Moreover, students will be able to ask doubts via WhatsApp. We expect that students should also make use of Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to dissipate e-learning among students.

The new initiative will help students to learn from the comforts of the home. The schools and colleges are closed now due to the COVID-19 pandemic and e-learning is the only way out to create a platform for learning. You should note that effective elearning will bring in great benefits since students will have access to videos, podcasts, and other related content. The advantage is that students can learn the concepts anytime even if they miss a schedule.

Note: This article is based on the development that happened 4 months back.

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