Nowadays, students are adapted to online learning because there is no credible alternative because schools are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, students are faced with stress and strain due to the extended computer and smartphone usage. It is essential for the students to reduce stress during online learning and parents should take adequate steps. In this article, we will examine the steps required to reduce stress and strain during online learning.

Shut up politicians

Some people especially that of local political parties are of the opinion that online learning is not a good way to learn. However, we are making it clear that online learning is the “new normal” and it is the only way to dispense lessons to the students. We all know that conducting classes inside schools is not practically possible when the COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire. Hence, parents should encourage their kids to learn via online or the method adopted by their schools. They should never listen to fake stories propelled by politicians. If you listen to politicians’ voices against online learning, then you and your kid(s) will end up with huge stress and strain. You should never make that happen and just ask your kid to learn as per their school’s directions. Some politicians and greedy private tuition centers will tell that marks will be reduced if learned via online mode. Never listen to their worlds.

Take frequent breaks

Your kid should take frequent breaks every 10 minutes within a span of 60 minutes. The prolonged sitting for a long time will cause leg swelling and other related problems. Your kid can even watch the lessons and interact with teachers in standing position. From my point of view, the respective schools should take precautions and inform students to take breaks in a timely manner.

Use anti-glare laptop

If your kid attends online learning via a laptop, it’s advisable that you buy an anti-glare laptop. The screen will eliminate unwanted glare that will reduce eye strain and headaches. You can read the description of the laptop to find out whether the device comes with an anti-glare display or not. We can tell you that Dell Vostro laptops are shipping with an anti-glare display. If your kid is using a laptop with normal display, then the brightness of the display should be reduced to avoid eye strain.

Invest in a premium computer chair

Your kid should make use of a computer chair while attending online learning. The regular chair is of low height and will cause pain during prolonged sitting. A big computer chair with ample cushion will provide adequate comfort.

Take long breaks after class time

Normally, online learning will end at 3 PM via video conferencing platforms like Google Meet and Zoom. Your kid should take a long break of 2 hours after that. As a parent, you should not compel your kid to learn further after regular class time. Some of the activities that can be done during break are – walking, reading printed books (not digital), writing poems, and chit chat with parents and siblings. A small portion of time can be devoted to watch film songs, cartoons, and movies on TV.

Usage of external keyboards

If your kid is attending online classes using a laptop, then you should buy an external keyboard. The use of an external wired keyboard will eliminate hand pain to a large extent. The keyboard on laptops is too small to type for an extended time. Meanwhile, the usage of an external mouse should be encouraged because laptop touchpad is very difficult to use for a prolonged time.

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  1. Well written points. Online learning has been useful to many. Taking breaks and comfortable chair are important to follow.

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