Books are real assets when it comes to cracking of competitive examinations. To get a job in the Government sector, you should appear for the exams. If you appear for the civil service examination, you should ideally read several books right from the start of the Prelims. In this article, we will examine the top books you should read to crack competitive exams.

Manorama Year Book 2020

The Manorama Year Book 2020 is the 55th edition from the house of Malayalam Manorama and will be very useful to crack competitive exams. The book comprises of valuable information spread across 25 sections such as current affairs, general knowledge, science, medicine, skill development, Information technology, Polity, History, Economy, and International relations. Moreover, the book includes important events of each month including coverage of sports events. The Manorama Year Book 2020 includes Spirit of New India speech delivered by PM Narendra Modi, Nav Bharat Nirman by Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu, and My dream of New India by Dr. Shashi Tharoor. The Manorama Year book is accompanied by a companion mobile app and a dedicated website. You will receive a special discount to access the exclusive content and mobile app. As part of the Great Indian Festival, the Manorama Year Book 2020 is available for Rs 105 instead of the retail price of Rs 300. The offer will be valid until October 21.

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India 2020

The India 2020 year book is published by publications division, Government of India. The book contains detailed and comprehensive coverage of the various topics including current affairs. You will be able to find content related to rural to urban, industry to infrastructure, science and technology, art and culture, economy, health, defence, education, and mass communication. India 2020 also includes coverage on General Knowledge, current affairs, sports, important events, and other related topics. As part of the Great Indian Festival, you just need to pay Rs to purchase India 2020 year book published by Publications Division, Government of India.

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Disha Mega yearbook 2020

Disha Mega yearbook 2020 is one of the best books to crack competitive exams with comprehensive information on various aspects of General Knowledge, Current Affairs, and other topics. The book is designed to meet the expectations of Civil services, banks, railways, and various state PSC examinations. This book will be useful for students preparing for Kerala PSC examinations such as LD Clerk, Kerala Administrative Services, and much more. You will be able to learn the various aspects related to current affairs such as Union Budget, awards, history, geography, and much more. The Year Book includes tabular charts, mind maps, graphic illustrations, which enables you to learn quickly. The book is available for Rs 298 as part of the Amazon Great Indian Festival.

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CSR Year Book 2020

CSR stands for the Competition Success review and is one of the oldest publications of India. The CSR Year Book 2020 contains comprehensive coverage of all the latest current affairs in a crisp format to enable you to crack competitive exams. You need to pay Rs 250 plus additional shipping charges. We would appreciate if the publisher sold the book via Prime mode. Hence, Manorama Year Book 2020 is the book that you should bank upon.

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Scholastic Yearbook 2020

The Scholastic Yearbook 2020 presents information in a colorful way with plenty of images, screenshots, and illustrations. If you are bored of traditional Year Books, then you should give Scholastic Yearbook 2020 a try because you will feel the real difference. The book is a complete reference manual for all those who are preparing for the competitive examinations. The Scholastic Yearbook 2020 is available at a discounted price of Rs 180 instead of the retail price of Rs 295 as part of the Great Indian Festival.

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Panorama Year Book 2020

Panorama Year Book 2020 is the popular general Knowledge book to crack competitive exams released by India’s oldest publication company. The book provides a detailed overview of all the relevant topics and will be useful for various competitive examinations including civil services. The Panorama year Book is not only a reference book but also used by researchers and decision-makers. You can grab the book for Rs 220 as part of the ongoing Great Indian Festival.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these. Have shared it with a friend who is trying to appear in competitive exams

  2. That’s a good list compiled by you. Will share with my cousins who are looking to go for competitive exams.

  3. I still remember the days I used to study the yearbooks to prepare for quiz competitions. Manorama and CSR used to be in the list. This list brought back those memories.

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