Nowadays, e-learning has taken over the world with students and teachers making effective use of it during this pandemic time. Hence, the demand for Productivity Tools is on a rise. Ever since the lockdown was imposed, local Government authorities have started to create a comprehensive system for imparting online learning to students. There are several tools available to enhance productivity during online learning. In this article, we will examine the top five productivity tools to improve the quality of online learning.

WPS Office

WPS Office is a free Office suite for Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint including Forms. The productivity suite includes a dedicated Template gallery including the ability to edit and share via the web. The Office suite has been downloaded over 1.3 billion times and was one of the best apps in 2015. Moreover, WPS Office is capable of working with Google Classroom, Slack, Google Drive, and Zoom. You will be able to use WPS Office suite with your video conferencing apps, which will help you to drive more productivity and efficiency. The ability to use the office suite with Android device will be helpful for online classes and e-learning. That said, WPS Office is completely compatible with Office 365 as well. If you are a student, you can write down notes using WPS Office while watching live online classes on your laptop. You can contribute towards a healthy planet by going eco-friendly.

Notepad Free

Notepad Free is an excellent app using which you can create and edit text notes. You can use the app during online learning to snap notes instantly without keyboard sound. You can watch the classes on TV or laptop and then use NotePad Free to create notes. The app features a simple user interface without any limits on notes length or number of notes. You can import and save notes from text files. You can share notes with other apps. The integrated widgets enable you to quickly create and edit notes. The NotePad Free app also includes a dark theme including automated note saving. The app will be a great asset for notes capturing during online learning.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a premium high-quality screen recorder, which enables you to record smooth and clear screen videos. The screen recorder app includes several features such as screen capture, screen video recorder, video editor, live stream screen. You can also record video tutorials, video calls, game videos including live shows. With the help of AZ Screen recorder, you can capture high-quality FHD videos with no recording time limit. You need not have to root your smartphone to perform recording. The AZ Screen recorder is an excellent productivity tool for online learning because it provides support for recording internal audio. If you are a teacher, you can record content and then deliver to your students as supplementary material in addition to the conventional textbook. The screen recorder also provides support for Facecam using which you can make use of your face and emotions in a small overlay window. You can easily adjust the Facecam size and drag it on any position on the screen.


TickTick is a simple To-Do list and task manager app using which you can schedule, manage time and stay focused. The app automatically reminds you about the deadlines and organize life at your desired place. With the help of TickTick, you can easily capture an idea, personal goals, work accomplishments including habits to track. You can add projects that you want to collaborate icnlduign creation of a a shopping list. You an achieve your goals with your exclusive productivity planner. You can add tasks and reminders and focus on important activities that really matters. You can sync tasks across the web, Android, iOS, Mac and PC. This will help you to work anywhere. For instance, you can add a task from your home in morning and access them from your office. The date information you enter will be automatically set as due date for task reminder with alarm with the help of smart date parsing.


ClevCalc enables you to handle all the required calculations under a single umbrella. The app features a clean user interface coupled with practical functions. The general calculator provides support for four fundamentals arithmetic operations including square, expression parenthesis including scientific operations such as logarithmic and trigonometric functions. The ClevCalc provides support for all unit conversions including temperature, pressure, speed, fuel efficiency, and other parameters. The app also supports 135 currencies including USD, EUR, INT, CNY, and much more. The ClevCalc is an ideal tool because it calculates based on real-time exchange rates. You can obtain the discount price by entering the original price and the discount rate. With the help of ClevCalc, you can easily measure the Body Mass Index and the Basal Metabolic Rate. The app also provides the rate of fuel efficiency upon entering the amount of fuel.


Online learning is here to stay and you need access to several productivity tools, which helps you to drive more from the learning. You will find several productivity tools on Google Play Store. We hope the above productivity tools will enable you to get maximum mileage from the classes imparted via Televisions and Laptops. You just need to search on the Google Play Store with the app name to download the relevant app.

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