If you think that e-learning exists only now, then you are wrong. The concept of e-learning was introduced way back in 1990s when IGNOU was started. The relevant Universities also introduced their own courses in the form of correspondence courses. The name correspondence course was later modified as Distance Education. With the help of Digital Education, students will be provided with study notes and materials. They are usually supplied via post in batches. The usual practice is that students will learn the concepts and topics with the help of the study materials and reference books. The doubts were being cleared via contact classes conducted once in three months at specific centers, which are usually schools. This concept has changed now with the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the rapid evolution of technology, universities currently conduct classes via digital platforms. There are two options that can be considered here. The first option is to make use of video conferencing tools like Google Meet, Zoom, Google Meet, and others using which students and teachers can interact with each other. The second option is to use web-based e-learning portals like Udemy, which is not feasible at school level. However, students can use these platform to expand their knowledge after earning basic class lessons

As of this writing, we are undergoing a terrible phase of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The situation is likely to continue for the next several months and we have no other way other than to adapt to the latest trends. The schools are not functioning and students are restoring to e-learning via video conferncing, Televitions and other related modes. The e-learning will continue to witness an expotential growth with schools and colleges making effective use of the various digital platforms.

In case of schools, teachers are restoring to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and other tools to impart education. Moreover, teachers and involved in doubt clearning sessions via WhatsApp. This is the case of colleges as well. If you are part of distance learning conducted by various universities, you will have access to printed study materials that are supplemented via online learning. In case if you are a normal student, then you will have to use the relevant text book and learn via video conferencing tools.

The COVID-19 has become blessing in disguise for various digital content creators. You can now find unofficial e-learning content on YouTube related to various topics, which are useful for students to extend the learning. The companies like Unacademy have a huge resource of content on vatious subjects. If you would like to learn Computers and Windows 10, then you should refer to our Unacademy course.

That being said, the COVID-19 has brought rich job opportunities for the unemployed youths across the country. The e-learning portals like Udemy and Coursera have been accepting new applications for prospective educators to add more courses to their catalog. If you are a graduate, you can create courses in your topic of interest for these companies and earn money for each purchase. If you become famous, then you will be able to earn a whole lot of money from the comforts of your home.

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  1. The post is amazing and just perfect for this pandemic time. these online courses are definitely amazing!

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