Google Classroom has been upgraded with 10 regional language support in India, which includes Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Bengali, and Marathi. Moreover, the search engine giant is working on new features to engage students and teachers in these testing times. With physical classrooms shifting its focus to online platforms such as Google meet, the importance of new features to the existing tools assumes great importance. We expect that the online classrooms will continue until the end of 2020, which the world prepares itself to combat the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Google Classroom has been upgraded with a to-do widget to the Classes page for students. If you are a teacher, you will find a to-review widget. Google Classroom will be refreshed with originality reports, which enable teachers to flag plagiarised content in student work. Moreover, students will be able to quickly identify passages that could require citations.

Google is gearing up to increase the originality reports count from three to five for teachers.

With the introduction of the new functionality, teachers will be able to print, save and download reports.

It is also possible to share data with students, parents, and administrators. The reports can be viewed on Google Slides in multiple languages such as Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish.

Google is working to deliver originality reports in such a way that it will be able to check submissions of past student work against a private school repository. Furthermore, student submissions are added automatically when educators make use of originality reports in the Classroom. Google will release additional tools for administrators who would like to gain deeper analytics across the domain.

Google also revealed that Classroom will provide support for over 54 languages within the next few months.

Google is really a king when it comes to analytics. The Google Classroom will make a fresh makeover by introducing student engagement metrics, deeper integration, teaching tool, improved admin dashboard, and mobile offline improvements.

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  2. Good insights on Google classroom.very informative.
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  3. Wow this is awesome. More children will be able to learn and educate themselves and the world will become a better place. Let’s pray all goes well.

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  5. Good insight on Google classroom

  6. Good to know that Google is working towards making Online Education more accessible to the learners across the globe. Thanks for the information.

  7. This is great news for learners across the globe.glad to read about this information.

  8. Wow! Indeed Google is a giant when it comes to technology. The way Google is working to give the best to its users is indeed commendable. The online platform has seen a huge churn of audience over the past few months. With various streamers and platforms, I think Google is the most efficient and runs without any glitches. With 54 languages, definitely they are going to be the key changemakers in the global education system.

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