For the longest time, human societies evolved very slowly, but since not so long ago, our pace of change has been increasing exponentially and the faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and a lot faster.

This constant evolution is only possible through the production and assimilation of knowledge and the system, transmitting it from generation to generation. The most efficient system we have come up with so far is formal education, a process whose pinnacle of achievement is a degree from the top university.

The education given at these institutions opens a huge window of opportunities, as students learn from the highest qualified professors and acquire the most cutting-edge knowledge available. But the system as it is, cannot deliver this knowledge to everyone.

It is by nature exclusive now imagine that this was to change. How would our world be if everyone could benefit from the opportunities offered by studying at these institutions? Well, this is already happening.

Some of the best universities in the US are Albany sharing their forces on, and this is just part of a trend. The trend of open educational resources – Oh II, ARS, are revolutionary technologies of knowledge, delivery that use the Internet to share and spread educational content.

Making high-quality education available for each motivated person to access for free opening access to top university courses is just one of the many things all we RS can do. They can also serve as the best high school tutor guiding you through.

Thousands of topics with interactive exercises they make up what may be the biggest textbook library in the world and provide the best-tailored way to improve and broaden your professional skills by your own pace.

Oh er s are creating a new system of education, one which is better adapted to respond to our highly dynamic economy. Equal access to knowledge means equal opportunities in life and in the world with equal opportunities.

It all depends on you now that’s. The power of freedom,

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